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Proactive marketing, active communications programs and well-managed business development ensures that your firm is “front of mind” with your clients and targets, positioning you for the next opportunity.

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Stretch Marketing:
Professional services marketing specialists

The marketing world is full of people selling, designing and creating advertising … but who puts the strategies in place, pulls the campaigns together and ensures that every element of a growing business’s marketing connects with their customer or client?  Who makes the marketing work? 

We do.  We are your outsourced marketing team.

Stretch Marketing are professional services marketing specialists who work hard for our clients managing their marketing, driving their business development and getting the maximum bang for their promotional buck.   Our clients range from small and medium businesses to national top-tier firms and our boutique locally-based approach offers you personal, flexible, reliable levels of committment.  

Why choose Stretch?

  • We are a hungry, proactive marketing team

We work alongside your directors and staff to drive and deliver targeted marketing outcomes.

  • We build strategies that generate return on investment

We know that marketing doesn’t work if it doesn’t generate revenue.

  • We work well within a billable hour environment

We know you are time-poor. Let us focus on your marketing, so you can spend your time focusing on driving your clients’ success.


mouseFeel like your marketing
has you running in circles?

In these busy times billable hours are more precious than ever and senior staff have only a little time for marketing and business development.  

So we are here to help.  Our team picks up where your team leaves off:

  • We support your senior team with dynamic, integrated marketing campaigns that elevate your brand and engage your target audience.    
  • We proactively communicate with your clients in all the ways that you should, so your team only have to worry about the personal connections.
  • We provide reliable, high quality proposal and submission writing capability that presents your firm’s capability at its finest,
  • And we offer confident, experienced marketing and BD advice, systems and processes that make your marketing efforts more transparent and more successful than ever.  

Exactly what you need?  We thought so.

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What we're currently working on...


Stretch Marketing provide marketing and business development strategy and implementation to the dynamic team at Prosperity Advisers, working with their teams in Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle.

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"Rebecca Wilson is speaking regularly for Consult Australia's Better Business Program, imparting terrific tips on BD & Marketing for services firms."

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Stretch Marketing have been working  with Bennett+Bennett Surveyors and Planners since mid 2012.  In this time the business has grown by over 20%.  


Stretch have provided WT Partnership with a tender audit reviewing a series of their proposals over recent weeks.


"Their skill and understanding of Professional Services marketing is impressive, and we have been delighted with the exceptional service Stretch has provided"


"Stretch Marketing is a co-founder of the Flood Discounts website, a website that allows retailers and services providers throughout the country to pledge and list discounts on offer for flooded residents and businesses."

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