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Managing the business development pipeline in a services business is a critical and often overlooked activity.   

Good BD processes drive active follow up of opportunities, pursuit of target clients and generation of revenue in a structured way so that outcomes are maximised and time wasted on ineffective marketing minimised. 

The Stretch Marketing team understands the importance of business development in a professional services business. 

With years of experience managing the marketing and BD pipelines for both large and small professional services firms, we have developed a suite of processes and practises for managing and monitoring revenue pipelines, driving staff engagement in BD activities and motivating people to chase opportunities and prospects.   

We are also extremely experienced in the management and preparation of bids and submissions and the training of professional staff in BD and client relationship building skills. 

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Business Development Processes

Does your business know where its next meal is coming from?  Do you motivate your team to drive sales through the pipeline to grow your business?

Managing and monitoring your BD pipeline and market-facing consultants can set important structure and culture around a professional services business's achievement.  A truly customer-centric organisation needs a strategy, culture, structure and incentives that support its very nature and motivates key staff to drive the BD and sales.  How can we help?

Pipeline Management: Our team works with you to develop an accurate reflection of your pipeline, and key relationships.  We offer constant driving, monitoring and flagging of actions to keep your team moving.  We find this helps our Clients convert more leads into sales. 

People Management: The management and training of your market-facing consultants reaps both commercial and cultural rewards.  We ensure that your team can deliver accurate, appropriate messages about your capability, and  deliver a host of actions that motivate your staff to get involved in the sales process. 

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Proposal and Submission writing

Proposals are marketing. Your proposal is a front-line salesperson. It is far more likely to make an impact than a brochure or an email.

Proposals are, without doubt, one of the strongest weapons in your marketing arsenal.  Given that proposals are requested by your prospect, even if it gets just a five minute read, it is still considerably more than the attention given to most unsolicited communications.

Our team has a long and respected track record in the preparation of tenders, submissions and capability documents that connect. 

We understand and have worked in a range of industries and sectors, including property, legal, financial, IT and recruitment, and can tailor your responses by either:

  • Guiding and mentoring your internal team; or
  • Completely managing your response on your behalf (as an outsourced Tender-team)
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Client Relationship Management

The goal of any services business is to find, attract and win the clients that they want and retain those that they already have, reducing the cost of marketing and keeping the cost of client service down.  To do this you need to consider the approach that your business takes to managing its clients, and build logical communications tools, regular relationship building initiatives, and good systems.  In our world, we call this client relationship management (CRM). 

Services businesses that manage client relationships well not only benefit through their revenue per client, they also have the power to develop powerful referral based marketing strategies, decreasing cost of client acquisition over the longer term. 

At Stretch we recognize the importance of managing client relationships and have a firm knowledge of the practises, processes and systems available to support it.  We will guide you on this journey and integrate good client relationship management into your marketing and service delivery. 

Targeting and pursuing the clients you want then managing them to retain them over the longer term to drive more business and referrals from them over time can be more than just a dream.  With good business development it can be your reality. 

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What we're currently working on...


Stretch Marketing provide marketing and business development strategy and implementation to the dynamic team at Prosperity Advisers, working with their teams in Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle.

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"Rebecca Wilson is speaking regularly for Consult Australia's Better Business Program, imparting terrific tips on BD & Marketing for services firms."

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Stretch Marketing have been working  with Bennett+Bennett Surveyors and Planners since mid 2012.  In this time the business has grown by over 20%.  


Stretch have provided WT Partnership with a tender audit reviewing a series of their proposals over recent weeks.


"Their skill and understanding of Professional Services marketing is impressive, and we have been delighted with the exceptional service Stretch has provided"


"Stretch Marketing is a co-founder of the Flood Discounts website, a website that allows retailers and services providers throughout the country to pledge and list discounts on offer for flooded residents and businesses."

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