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Training that improves the BD skills of professionals

Our business development and marketing training gives senior and mid level staff the skills they need to generate revenue, build client relationships and drive their business development harder.

Improving the business development skills of both fee earning professionals and marketing staff in services firms is an increasing priority in a tougher economy.  We have Directors and Partners telling us all the time that they would like all of their professional services staff and marketing people to play a greater role in generating revenue, developing relationships with clients, writing winning bids, and reaching out to new prospects. But many complain that their staff simply have not learned how they can do this.

So we've stepped up to the challenge and built courses that teach BD skills to directors and professional staff with sensitivity to their billable workload and technical ability.

Our executive training for professional services firms offers BD and marketing training and mentoring for fee earning staff and marketing team members at all levels.  We give senior staff the skills they need to attract new business and communicate with existing clients more effectively; and junior staff with the understanding of how clients are targeted and relationships built so that they can be more valuable professionals during their career.

We've drawn on theories from some of the world leaders in services marketing, and added our own, real life experience to build programs that are interactive, fun to be in and rewarding for all involved.  

We offer our training in a number of ways: 

Inhouse training

We run short (1-3 hour) and long (half/full day) inhouse training sessions for groups of all sizes.  Firms can decide where they would like the training to focus, or select from one of our established programs.  We can also tailor training to your needs.

Cross Sector Training

We run full day training sessions for senior professionals in non-competing companies in one sector or industry.  We have run a range of these with great feedback, bringing together Partners and Associate Directors from industry groups such as “property sector professionals” and “small business professionals” to teach them professional services selling skills at the highest level.  The collaborative environment offers a safe networking experience unlike any other and makes for great fun.

Industry Group training

We work with a host of professional associations to provide industry-centric training programs, and present short and long sessions at national and regional conferences and online.  With the support of your industry association, you may find a group of firms or professionals interested in one of our topics, to which we can customize a presentation or workshop specifically.

Ongoing Coaching

We also provide short monthly or quarterly refresher sessions or programs for companies who want to maintain their focus on BD and marketing amongst professional staff, culturally on an ongoing basis.

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What we're currently working on...


Stretch Marketing provide marketing and business development strategy and implementation to the dynamic team at Prosperity Advisers, working with their teams in Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle.

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"Rebecca Wilson is speaking regularly for Consult Australia's Better Business Program, imparting terrific tips on BD & Marketing for services firms."

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Stretch Marketing have been working  with Bennett+Bennett Surveyors and Planners since mid 2012.  In this time the business has grown by over 20%.  


Stretch have provided WT Partnership with a tender audit reviewing a series of their proposals over recent weeks.


"Their skill and understanding of Professional Services marketing is impressive, and we have been delighted with the exceptional service Stretch has provided"


"Stretch Marketing is a co-founder of the Flood Discounts website, a website that allows retailers and services providers throughout the country to pledge and list discounts on offer for flooded residents and businesses."

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