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In time-poor services firms it is important that you have a realistic strategy and regular communications activities planned to drive continued growth in your business, no matter how busy you get providing your services.


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Integrated Marketing that really connects with clients

Want to reignite your existing customers?  Or actively target a specific new market? 
Do it with an integrated marketing and communications campaign that grabs people's attention time and time again, building their trust and leaving them in no doubt of your expertise.

Our team tailors marketing campaigns that will reignite existing customers or appeal directly to a specific market for products and services.  Our integrated marketing campaigns are custom-designed to connect with your target audience time and time again, using different mediums to walk them through the sales process.

Our experienced, Business Development experts design your campaign to connect with your target customers and build a relationship with them over time.    We will work with you to:

  • Identify the specific  target markets or customers that offer the greatest opportunity
  • Build a campaign strategy and a sequence of appropriate activities that when combined will achieve great results
  • Develop your campaign tools (brochures, websites, enewsletters, blogs, sales kits etc) and manage the implementation of each step in the campaign
  • Co-ordinate your follow up, and keep the campaign rolling to achieve a real return on investment.
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Need a Marketing Strategy that works?

Get the goal-posts in place, and it becomes a lot easier for your team to kick goals!

Stretch Marketing builds dynamic, yet realistic marketing strategies that drive your business to reach out to its target markets. 

Our tried and tested planning process provides the foundations for all marketing decisions that we make together, setting solid goals and action plans in place, making implementation decisions much easier.  Our experienced consultants take you through every step of our marketing planning process, mentoring your team, and working with your important business stakeholders to develop appropriate marketing plans for your business.  

We quickly and firmly establish your business goals, priority target markets, key marketing objectives and budgets before building a tactical marketing plan to drive all of the marketing activities that follow. 

Setting a solid strategy ensures that we all aim towards the same goal posts, during the implementation phase and kick goals, time and time again. 

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Get your Branding and Positioning Right

Our team creates, refreshes and supports great brands.  We build the foundation and requirements, by working with you to understand and connect with your customers' needs, wants and priorities, before building the visual and emotional elements of your new brand to reach out to them directly.

We offer an end to end service, working with some of Brisbane's leading graphic design firms renowned for their excellence in the graphic components of brand design. 

We are also experienced in the management of brand refreshes and brand mergers, combining corporate values, and building new marketing collateral in support. 

Developing a respectable brand, and positioning it appropriately requires more than just creative marketing flair.  To make a brand successful you need marketers with strong business nous, and the ability to manage the needs of multiple stakeholders, both of which we have in droves. 

Understand and connect with your clients' needs with your branding, every time…

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Create relevant, useful Marketing Tools

Hook your target audience with a sharp call to action.

Are you guilty of throwing your marketing materials together without any though of your target audience or Key Buyers' motivations?  Do you design something that is pretty to the eye, but says nothing in particular about your business capability?  Does your marketing material really connect with your customer at their point of need?

Brochures, flyers, direct mail pieces and letters are a critical part of any active marketing.  It is important that every single piece of marketing material is created in connection with a specific target audience and desired outcome.  Each item must hook your target reader, building your relationship with them and calling them to action at the right point of their journey to ensure that each individual piece is worth the money that you are spending to create it.

Stretch Marketing and our graphic design partners offer an end-to-end marketing material creation service.  We combine solid marketing insight into your customers' needs; great graphic design capability; and cleverly crafted copy to ensure that your marketing materials will hit their target, every time. 



Keep on top of your Client Communications

Stretch Marketing build and run ongoing communications programs for our Clients'. 

We write, design, and manage all your ongoing communications to ensure that your business communicates regularly and consistently with existing clients and leads.  At the cutting edge of marketing, we use an enormous variety of communications tools, events and programs to support and grow the understanding and trust that your target market has in your brand and your people. 

Our communications programs take the challenge of organising events, co-ordinating design, writing email newsletters, articles, blogs and direct communications pieces away and leave your team firmly focused on delivering personal client communications and service outcomes. 

We will plan and co-ordinate all of your regular automated communications so that your team just plugs their contacts into the program and is confident of the high quality marketing we deliver. 

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Modern Public Relations and Publicity

Public Relations (PR) as we used to know it is growing and changing to engage with modern technology.  And our approach is therefore growing and changing with it.

PR used to be all about managing a business’s connection with their interested public through the media, placing articles and teasing stories into popular papers, magazines, radio and TV.  But, with the advent and progression of the Internet and social media and the changing ways of accessing information, businesses now have more power over their public relations and publicity than ever before.  They can connect with “their public” in a variety of ways, no longer totally gate-kept by the popular media.

The Stretch Marketing approach to PR considers all of the audiences and stakeholders that an organisation must reach out to, and plans for the clear communication of messages to each target audience using a variety of tools, which can include the popular, printed and digital media as well as other more direct communications approaches.

We are skilled in copywriting of all kinds, such as writing press releases, blogs, newsletters and media kits.  And experienced in the hosting of media functions and stunts, remaining connected to a range of Australian Media Professionals.

Our team is also well versed in stepping outside the norms of traditional PR and communicating messages directly to stakeholders, both internal and external.  After all, you reach a lot more of your important stakeholders with a direct PR message, carefully placed, than you can with an article in a paper with declining circulation.   

Copywriting with confidence

Copywriting for professional services businesses is a challenging task that is often misdirected, and one that we relish.   At Stretch Marketing we are more than just marketers, we are dynamic business people with years of real-life experience.  We understand the industries our clients work in, and can copywrite on their behalf with greater industry understanding than most.

We write great web copy, succinct brochure content, resolved articles and blogs, detailed capability documents and even comprehensive submissions and proposals, connecting the needs of the market with the services being provided.  We reach out to your target market for you, picking up where your technical team leaves off.


Welcoming Websites, Interactive Blogging and Strategic Social Media

Is your firm selling dynamic services at the forefront of its industry? 
Well… shouldn't you be using technology that demonstrates your progressive culture and showcases your leadership to prospects?

Now, more than ever before, your web presence is as important to your services business as your offices or key staff.  Almost all clients and prospects will find you online at some point in their sales process and judge you on the amount of effort you put into your internet-based communications.  Will they be impressed by what they see?  Will your web presence help you convert your sale or hinder it?

Over 80% of Australia's population are active users of the internet (and that includes our aging population and young children, so you can comfortably accept that the web has been fully-adopted),  so it is time to take it seriously.  A website can be so much more than an online brochure.  It can be the door to your business through which many customers enter, reenter and refer you to.  It can be your key sales tool, even in services businesses where the sales process is personal. 

So, Stretch Marketing team and our design partners create websites, blogs and social media strategies that are worth the time and money that you invest in them.  Websites and blogs that allow you to connect with your customer over and over again, drawing on the latest technologies and techniques to minimise costs and maximise benefits.  And, we work with you to build the confidence in your web tools that you need to be able to use them effectively and engagingly. 

We offer skills and experience in:

  • Integrated Web Strategies (realistic online marketing strategies for offline businesses)
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Website structure, planning and scope definition
  • Design and Development
  • Targeted Web Copywriting
  • Blogging and ghost blogging
  • Search Engine Optimisation and
  • Traffic Generation
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3.  We can meet to ensure our personalities work together well, and hear more about your business;

4.  And then we get started on delivering results!

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What we're currently working on...


Stretch Marketing provide marketing and business development strategy and implementation to the dynamic team at Prosperity Advisers, working with their teams in Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle.

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"Rebecca Wilson is speaking regularly for Consult Australia's Better Business Program, imparting terrific tips on BD & Marketing for services firms."

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Stretch Marketing have been working  with Bennett+Bennett Surveyors and Planners since mid 2012.  In this time the business has grown by over 20%.  


Stretch have provided WT Partnership with a tender audit reviewing a series of their proposals over recent weeks.


"Their skill and understanding of Professional Services marketing is impressive, and we have been delighted with the exceptional service Stretch has provided"


"Stretch Marketing is a co-founder of the Flood Discounts website, a website that allows retailers and services providers throughout the country to pledge and list discounts on offer for flooded residents and businesses."

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